New Perennial Items for Spring 2015

We are getting close to the last of the posts featuring new items. I was going to cram all of the remaining new stuff into this post then decided not to. We are just going to focus on the perennials.

We have made some changes to our perennials where we have added new items but most of these changes are updates to existing items that we have changed colors or varieties.

For instance, we dropped the 3 varieties of Buddleias we were offering and have added in 3 different ones. They are not new as in newly released but new as in we have them last year. Conversely, the Monarda are newly released varieties. You get the picture.

We don’t have pics for all of these yet but here are the ones we do have.

Red Yarrrow Purple Butterfly Bush Sun Up Coreopsis Blue Delphinium Purple Digitalis Rose Guara  Scarlet Lobelia Rose Monarda Purple Monarda Balmy Lilac Monarda Blue Scabiosa

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