These are our new plant introductions and changes to our Spring 2024 program.

Going Forward with Annuals

As the cost of basic annual seeds continue to go up we have been force to move some items out of the J6 and 1801 Basic Annual categories into the #4 Deluxe Annual category. We have been told by our seed suppliers that this trend will continue and that they will phase out the less expensive seed lines in favor of pricier “updated” seed series.

Another option we are looking at is to change to a different flat configuration that is between the J6 and 1801s or something comparable to streamline our production into fewer flat/cost configurations.

If you have any preference on what sizes you think would be best, please Contact Us and let us know. We welcome your input.

As for the new items below. All the information has been added to the plant pages. Please follow the links to see more about each new intro or change.

beacon mix impatiens

Beacon Impatiens replace the Imara Impatiens in J6 and #4(1801) Annuals

#4(1801) Vinca
cora magenta halo xdr vinca

Cora XDR Vinca in the #4(1801) Deluxe category replace the Pacifica and Sunstorm Vinca in the #4(1801) Annuals.

#4(1801) Dlx Vinca
cora xdr light pink vinca

Cora XDR Light Pink and Cora XDR Mix are added to the Cora XDR Vinca colors.

#3.5 Succulents
coral reef sedum 492x501 © ball

Added Sedum Coral Reef and dropped Aeonium Zwartkop, Echivaria nodulosa and Graptopetalum superbum.

#4 (1801) Ajuga
burgundy glow ajuga ball 540x360

Burgundy Glow Ajuga is added to the #4 Accents to go with Bronze Beauty Ajuga

#4.5 Angelonia
archangel ruby sangria angelonia © ball

Archangel Ruby Sangria is added to the #4.5 Angelonia.

#4.5 Dragon Wing Begonias
begonia bronze red dragon wing © ball

Dragon Wing Bronze Pink and Dragon Wing Bronze Leaf Red are added to the #4.5 Dragon Wing Begonias.

#4.5 Sweet Talk Cuphea
Sweet Talk Lavender Splash Cuphea batface © ball

We added Sweet Talk Cuphea in our #4.5 Annuals and carry all three colors in the series.

#4.5 New Guinea Impatiens
new guinea impatien petticoat pink berry pie © dummen

We replaces 2 colors of #4.5 Petticoat New Guinea Impatiens.

#4.5 Lantanas
Shamrock Rose Gold Lantana © ball

We added 2 colors of Shamrock Lantanas, Bloomify Pink Lantana and dropped one Landmark & 2 Lucky Lantana colors.

#4.5 Itsy Petunias
itsy pink petunia bloom © syngenta

Itsy Pink Petunia is added to go with the Itsy White Petunia added in 2023.

QT Proven Winners
petunia supertunia royal velvet PW

Dropped 4 items and added 6 to the Qt Proven Winners.

QT Proven Winner Graceful Grasses
ogon acorus variegated sweet flag PW graceful grasses

Added Acorus Ogon and Pennisetum Sky Rocket to the PW Graceful Grasses.

#6 Confetti Garden
confetti garden havana sky lantana Dummen

Added more heat tolerant lantana and purslane Confetti Garden mixes.

#6 Jurassic Begonias
Jurassic Megalo Rex Komodo Begonia Color Code: 5635c, 506c, 418c BSC 2022 Ball Ingenuity Foliage 08.03.20 West Chicago, Mark Widhalm Job: 20167300 MegaloKimodo.JPG BEG20-27289_AL.JPG

Added 3 varieties of Jurassic Megalo and 2 varieties of Jurassic Begonias (subs for 2 not available).

#6 Zonal Geraniums
mojo magenta zonal geranium

Replaces Americana Zonal Geraniums with 6 colors of Mojo Zonal Geraniums.

1G Colocasia
royal hawaiian white lava colocasia

We switched to the Royal Hawaiian Colocasia series and are growing 7 varieties.

1G Tropical Hibiscus
tangerine paradise wind tropical hibiscus

We added Tangerine Paradise to the Tropical Hibiscus colors we grow.

1G Mandevilla
sun parasol giant peach sunrise mandevilla

We added 2 colors of mandevilla.

#4 Stepables
stepables sedum

We added 2 Sedum & 2 Thyme to the STEPABLES® (& are trialing a lot more for 2025).

Qt Perennials – Native/Nativar
hardy ageratum conoclinium source:

We separated our Native/Nativar Perennials into its own category and added 3 more Narive/Nativar Perennials.

Qt Perennials – Premium Native/Nativar
false indigo baptisia australis flikr kim carpenter "Baptisia 2888" CC BY 2.0

We created a new category for premium native perennials and added 4 natives to our Qt Prem Native Perennials.

Qt Perennials
shasta daisy dwarf madonna leucanthemum ball 600x600

We added an Armeria and made variety changes to the Agastache, Leucanthemum and Stachys.

1G Deluxe Perennials
brother stefan hosta © james gh

We updated our 1G Hosta list.

1G Premium Perennials
landscape rose rainbow sunblaze thumb ©2022 Star® Roses and Plants

We dropped the Sunrosa Roses and added Sunblaze Roses.

#10 Hanging Baskets
passionfruit passion fruit lantana © ball

Additions include: Bronze Leaf Dragon Wing Begonias, Hula Begonias, PassionFruit Lantana & SweetSunshine Double Petunia.

#12 Deco Pots
just my luck mixmasters shamrock lantana

We added one and discontinued several Confetti Gardens and added Lantana MixMasters.

#12 Hanging Baskets
bejeweled mixmasters combo

We added more MixMasters combos, made a lot of changes to our Confetti Gardens list and added a Petchoa & Wave Petunia Mix basket.

#4 Charley’s Veggies
mountain magic tomato © ball

We changed one of the Okras, two of the Peppers and two of the Tomatoes we are growing.

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