New Ready List for April 13, 2009 and Video Update

New ready list – avail0410

I hope you all have had a busy and productive week.  The batteries in my digital camera were dead so you get to watch my ugly mug on the video showing you some of what we have ready.  But before we get to that I’ll wanted to go over some of the items that we have that are looking particularly spectacular.

#4 Annuals – Begonias and Impatiens both with Good Color and lots of Vinca getting ready
#4.5 Premium Annuals – everything is prime and ready to go; added Silver Fog Euphorbia to this weeks list
#4.5 Prem Hot Shot – Zahara Zinnias have Good Color and are discounted to move
#4 Dlx Annuals – added Party Time Alternanthera to the list
#6 Dlx Annuals – Cora Vinca and Kong Coleus both look awesome
#6 Prem Annuals – added Angelonia to the list
#6 Wave and #8 Tidal Wave Petunias – almost all with Good Color
1204 Annuals – over 10,000 flats available and 95% with Good Color
J6 Annuals – over 16,000 flats available with lots of Good Color
#10 Baskets #2 – plenty of availability and color; the Trailing Verbena and Torenia are HUGE!
#10 Baskets #3 – a whole bunch of Tuberous Begonias and Fuchsia available with Good Color
Veggies – lots and lots of veggies ready in both #4 and 1204s.

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