New Stuff Part II

Here is our second installment of some of the new items we have added this year. 

(If you look for Part I, you will find it’s not anywhere around.  As at least one of you noticed, we had some database issues last week and it went away with all my posts for December and January.  As soon as we find them, we’ll get them back in there!)

image Calliope Dark Red Geranium – we trialed this geranium last year and it is awesome!  The Calliope is an interspecific geranium which is a long word to say that they cross bred an ivy geranium with a zonal geranium.  In this case, they were able to come up with a geranium that exhibits all the best attributes of a zonal with the dark red bloom color usually found only in ivy geraniums.  The plant habit is mounding and very uniform.  We’ll get more pictures of this great geraniums soon.  (Picture:

image Caliente Geraniums – also an interspecific geranium, Caliente geraniums have the cascading plant habit of ivy geraniums along with the full foliage characteristics of zonal geraniums.  Calientes do not trail like regular ivy geraniums but have a more sprawling habit.  (Picture:

Calliope and Caliente Geraniums will be available in #10 Hanging Baskets and also were both Greenhouse Grower Medal of Excellence Winners!

image In addition to the geraniums we have added a couple of colors to our line of tropical hibiscus – Tye-Dye Wind and Mandarin Wind.

Look for more of what’s new coming soon.

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