New Website Launch

Our website will soon be active.

After struggling with an old FrontPage based website, the new website will be a welcome change that allows us to do more frequent updates, communicate better, have improved stability, and make the site user friendly.

Some of the new features of the new website include:

  1. Facebook integration.
  2. Easy sign-up for news delivered by e-mail or RSS.

Visit us online:

Parks Brothers Retail – Where Customers Buy Directly at Our Location in Van Buren (note: YES, that IS a satellite view of our farm and the gray rectangles are individual greenhouses)

Parks Brothers Wholesale Plants – Where “green” businesses come to buy flowers for their customers.

  • Parks Wholesale Plants Website.  Our retailers are spread across the U.S. selling plants.  The wholesale website is a popular online plant resource with over 1,000 pages of plant related information.
  • Parks Wholesale Plants Twitter updates.  If you are a retailer, this is where you can instantly hear about plant availability, promotional tips, new products, and more.
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