Next Weeks Availability and Pictures

Good Friday to all,

There is only one way to say it – the weather sucks!  So far this year, when it’s not raining it’s cold except for the few days when we are setting record highs.  It’s enough to drive a poor greenhouse grower bonkers.  Despite the lousy weather, sales are decent and we are still on schedule with all our crop.  Everything looks good and is holding up well.

Availability – avail0327

How are things going for you?  We would love to hear from you.

This weekend I will be traveling and visiting some customers so don’t be surprised if I pop into your shop to say “Hi”.  I will also be blogging via the Twitter updates and maybe posting a few pictures and videos so check out the blog this weekend and see what we’re up to.

The first picture is of the NEW Callipope Geranium.  Next are #4.5 Sun Coleus, #4.5 yellow Dahlinova dahlias and #4.5 Fiesta Double Impatiens. The picture with the pink bud is the first bloom on the Double Wave Petunia baskets followed by #4 Salvia, #4.5 Streptocarpella, #10 Foliage Combo basket and #8 SQ Sunflower.  The last two are #12 Trailing Petunia baskets (non-combo) that are two color mixes and #10 Tuberous Begonia basket.

calliope-geranium coleus

dahlia double-impatiens

double-wave salvia

streptocarpella foliage-combo

sunflower trailing-petunia


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