Nothing But Pictures This Week

Sort of.

Check out the bottom of this post for information on the Mid-South Green Industry Conference. June 19-20, 2012 in Pearl, MS. A great conference to attend to network, for education and to see some of the plant trials on how well plants perform in the South. Hope we can see you there.

Now for the pictures.

dahlinova-dahlias double-impatiens

ipomoea ipomoea-basekt-1

J6-celosia J6-impatiens

J6-petunias J6-salvia

J6-vinca kong-coleus

lantana-4.5in lantana-basket-5

marigolds new-guinea-impatiens-4.5in

plectranthus purslane-4.5in

sun-coleus tropical-hibiscus-2

bonfire calibrachoas-baskets

color-bowls5 cora-vinca2

cora-vinca-6in fresh-look-celosia-4in

dragonwing-begonia-8insq dragonwing-begonia-basket

dragonwing-begonia-deco-9 caladiums

greenhouse-5 greenhouse-6

guara-perennials-5 impatiens-baskets

lantana-1gal new-guinea-impatiens-3

peppers-ornamental plumbago

perennials-3 perennials-4

perennials-6 salvia-6in

purslane trailing-verbena

trailer-full- sunpatiens

stepables-8 stepables-9 

tropical-hibiscus vinca-1204

watermelon-4in zinnias-4in

wave-petunia-2 wave-petunia

If you are interested in attending a great green industry conference in the south this summer you might consider attending the Mid-South Green Industry Conference in Pearl, MS. Click here for my blog post on the conference and here is the registration form.

The event is sponsored and supported by the associations shown below.

image image image

image image image

image image

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