Now It Finally Feels Like Spring

After summer in March, the weather finally kind of feels like spring around here. As for work, we have been up to our clavicle in spring since February. We moved a lot of product out this week and we have more coming on.

There isn’t really a who lot to talk about other than the pictures. We are so busy that I’ve had to double check the date just to know which day it is. Everyday this week except for today has felt like Monday. The perfect weather for Easter weekend should be excellent for all you garden centers. I hope you all have tremendous weekends. I also hope that you get to have a day off on Easter. I’m sure you could use the rest.

So Happy Easter everyone and we will see you on the other side. Remember, check the current availability Monday and try to get your order in early. Please also remember that everyone else is getting their order in early too, and that we enter them in the order we receive them.

If you missed seeing a few colors of the Wave Petunias on the availability we emailed out, I did not have time to find all of them to get them on the list in time for the email but the colors that are ready will be on the Current Availability on Monday. As soon as I am done with this, I get to have my own Wave Basket Easter Egg Hunt to find all of them.

Now for some pictorial goodness. Even more than last week!

wave-petunias-6in begonias-4in

We will be into a new crop of #6 Waves in some colors which will have fewer blooms. Also you should buy some #4 Begonias. I have a lot. Same goes for the #4.5 Breathless Euphorbia. They both look great right now.

breathless-euphorbia-4.5in caladiums

This was the Calibrachoa baskets and Color Bowls we shipped this week. I haven’t seen next week’s but I’m sure they will look just as good.

calibrachoa-baskets color-bowls

combo-baskets-12in Trailing Petunia Combo #12 Baskets look awesome as do all of our Confetti Gardens!

confetti-garden-6in_458 confetti-garden-6in_220

confetti-garden-6in_376 confetti-garden-6in_453

confetti-1 confetti-baskets-12in

#4 Charley’s Veggies are all looking great as do all of our J6 like these Dianthus.

cucumber-4in dianthus-J6

We will be getting into a new crop of Double Wave Petunia baskets next week which will change our availability. I think the next crop will be blooming by the end of the week.

double-wave-petunias2 petunia-doube-wave

dragonwing-basket dragonwing-dec

foliage-combo fuchsia

geranium-caliente6 geraniums-6in

The Happy Hour Portulaca is the most vibrant portulaca I have ever seen.

happy-hour-portulaca-J6 hardy-hibiscus

Impatiens in three sizes.

impatiens-4in impatiens-1204

impatiens-baskets mandevilla

Loading House pics of stocking and picking for orders and putting them on the belt.

loading loading-house3

loading-house2 loading-house4

Marigolds look great. We finally have a few New Guinea baskets. The cuttings came in with rot and we have been short on these early plantings. Availability should get better after next week. We may get a little light on blooms next week if they don’t bloom out faster.

marigolds-J6 new-guinea-basket

penta-butterfly-red perennials

petunias-J6 polemonium

purple-jew-basket purslane-4.5in

Angelonia and Sunflowers kind of look good together.

serena-angelonia-4.5in sunflower

torenia-J6 vinca-1204-9

These are the Wave Baskets on the email availability. I am off to find the next crop!

wave-petunia2 wave-petunia3

Need some #8 Wave Medleys? I have 3000 for you.

wave-medley-8in_126 wave-medley-8in_127

wave-medley-8in_135 wave-medley-8in_142

wave-medley-8in_217 wave-medley-8in_694

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