One More Blog Post Before My Surgery

It is getting to that time of year and we still have a lot a product left. From some of the people I have spoken to it seems that there are a lot of people who have not planted anything this year. I think that we all have a good chance of selling a lot more plants over the next two or three weeks. Obviously this will depend on the weather just as everything we do does. Rain here today and this weekend will slow it down but it will also keep things cooler than normal. Plus it is not raining ever where so someone should sell some plants this weekend.

Here are a few pictures I took today. Time has not been my friend this week and I was not able to get as many pictures. However if there is something you would like to see just ask your rep to send them to you. Tell them that Jason said for them to do it. 🙂

12in-combo-bskt combo-deco

confetti8 confetti9

gallon-annuals petunias-J6

streptocarpella taishan-margolds

zinnias9 verbean1

wave-petunia5 angelonia5

For the next month or so the blog posting will be less, but the current availability that is posted to the link to the right will continue to be updated regularly.

I have to have another surgery on my leg. You may recall that I broke it last March. Now a year later we have done all we can and it has not healed. So next Tuesday I will be going back in and having the titanium rod that is in my femur removed and replaces and also have a bone graft. They hope that this will kick start the healing process again along with the continued use of my strap-on-electromagnetic bone stimulator (yes you read that correctly and no you can’t borrow it).

My plan is for the crew here to send me pictures and other stuff to keep posting once I get to feeling up to it. Thanks to the tech available now it shouldn’t be a problems the pictures posted below were done with my smart phone and a WordPress app. Also I will be posting updates of the surgery and recovery on my twitter account if you want to follow along. I’m going to try to get one of then nurses to take my phone into the OR and take some pictures.

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