Ornamental Cabbage & Kale

Ornamental Cabbage and Ornamental Kale are also known as Flowering Cabbage and Kale. Although all varieties are technically kale plants both terms are used. The “cabbage” types produce heads while the “kale” types have tight foliage rosettes. They all thrive in the cool temperatures of fall and winter but do not like the summer heat. Ornamental Cabbage and Kale are planted for their colorful foliage. In the fall and winter, cooler temperatures bring out vibrant shades of red, pink, purple and white.

These showy plants have exceptional cold hardiness and can survive temperatures as low as 5 degrees if acclimated gradually. That means that you can have color in your garden all winter long. All types of Ornamental Cabbage and Kale are easy to grow and low maintenance. They look great as borders and backgrounds in fall pansy beds.

Most types of Kale are edible. As a general rule, the ornamental varieties are bitter and not recommended for eating.

Peacock Kale is a different type of kale. It’s foliage is more upright and open. It does not grow into a rosette or head but instead opens up into a colorful spray of lacy foliage. Peacock Kale tends to grow taller and wider than other types of Ornamental Kale. It adds a delicate contrast to fall plantings. Peacock Kale does well as a border or as an accent plant in fall combos.

Red Bor is another type of kale. It also grows upright. It produces arching leaves that are frilled. Red Bor has deep purple foliage that darkens with cooler weather.

Plant 12-15″ apart in part sun to full sun. Most varieties will grow 10-14″ tall. Red Bor is taller at 12-24″. In some cases, it can grow up to 4 feet tall in the right conditions.

Ornamental Cabbage, Ornamental Kale and Red Bor Kale all come in red and white colors. They are all available in our #6 trays and #8 pots. The Peacock Kale is available in #8 pots.

Red Ornamental Cabbage

red ornamental cabbage

White Ornamental Cabbage

white ornamental cabbage

Red Ornamental Kale

White Ornamental Kale

Peacock Red Kale

Peacock White Kale

Red Bor Kale

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