Ornamental Peppers

Ornamental Peppers add beautiful fall colors to any flower bed or fall décor. Their colorful peppers will continue to mature and change colors whether inside or outside. These varieties of ornamental peppers we grow were selected for their bright colors and compact growth habits.

Ornamental peppers are bred for their ornamental looks and not their flavor. While the peppers are edible, most of them are too hot to enjoy. Even if you can get past the heat, their flavor may be disappointing.

#4.5 Ornamental Peppers

These varieties of Ornamental Peppers are intended for use as in fall decorations. table tops and other displays. They can be planted in flower beds etc. but in all areas except the deep south the frost will eventually get them if planted outdoors. If planting outdoors, they should be planted in part sun to full sun and grown like a normal pepper. All of these peppers are compact varieties and will not grow very big.

Blaze grows 4-8″ tall and 4-8″ wide. It has yellow peppers that mature to red.

Hot Pops Purple grows 4-5″ tall and 6-8″ wide. It has orange peppers that mature purple. Peppers are very hot.

Medusa grows 6-8″ tall and 4-6″ wide. It has pale yellow peppers that mature to orange then to bright red. Peppers are non-pungent and child safe.

Santos Orange grows 6″ tall and 6″ wide. It has green peppers that mature to orange.

Wicked grows 6-8″ tall and 5-7″ wide. It has purple peppers that mature to red. The peppers are larger than the others listed here and are mildly hot.

Ornamental Peppers are available in our #4.5 pots.

Hot Pops Purple
Santos Orange

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#10 Deco Ornamental Peppers

These ornamental peppers are larger and will fill out the #10 pot they come in nicely. As with the #4.5 peppers they are bred for their looks and not taste. Unless otherwise noted as non-pungent, all of these will be warm to very hot if you decide to try one. We do not guarantee they will taste good. 🙂

Sedona Sun

Chilly Chili Peppers grow 9-10″ tall and 13-14″ wide. The peppers start our yellow-green then turn to orange then red. Chilly Chili is ideal for indoor or outdoor uses, and is child safe, non-pungent. 2002 AAS Flower Winner

Midnight Fire Peppers grow 9-12″ tall and 14-16″ wide. It has distinctive, dark black foliage and purple peppers that mature to red.

Sangria Peppers grow 10-12″ tall and 16-18″ wide. They have a mounding, somewhat spreading habit that makes for a unique looking plant. The peppers are purple and red and child safe, non-pungent.

Sedona Sun Peppers grows 9-12″ tall and 14-16″ wide. It’s pepper are lemon yellow that mature to orange. The peppers are HOT.

Chilly Chili

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Midnight Fire

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Sedona Sun Ornamental Pepper
Sedona Sun

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#12 Fall Deco Combo

Onyx Red images Copyright © 2022 All-America Selections

Onyx Red Pepper has dark black foliage with a compact, well-branched growth habit. the peppers start out black then changes over to greenish-purple then finally to bright red. The naturally compact plants work well as a potted plant or as an annual in beds and containers.

Red Onyx Red was the 2018 All American Select Flower Winner.

We use Red Onyx in one of our #12 Fall Deco Combos.

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