Voltage Osteospermum

Voltage Osteospermum has vivid blooms that will brighten up any landscape or patio. Osteospermum have large, colorful, daisy-like blooms. Voltage is heat tolerant with a very nice bushy, mounding habit. They are the first Osteospermum to come into bloom and the last to stop blooming. Their blooms will close every evening, and open up again in morning.

Osteospermum may need to be planted in an area that will protect them from the hot afternoon sun. They do best in moist, well-drained soil. Fertilize once a season with a slow-release fertilizer or twice a month with a water soluble fertilizer. Too much fertilization may cause the stems to become weak and droop. Voltage is deer and rabbit resistant.

They are ideal for containers and baskets or use them at the front of the bed border. They will stop blooming in middle of summer then start again in the early fall. Regular deadheading will encourage new blooms but is not necessary. A light summer pruning will help the fall flush of blooms after the weather cools off.

Voltage Yellow was named “Best Osteospermum” in 2010 at Colorado State University and plant of the month for March 2011 by the Dallas Arboretum Plant Trials Program.

Plant in full sun to part shade 12-15″ apart. Grows 10-16″ tall and 24-28″ wide.

We grow Voltage in our #4.5 Premium Annual size and carry White and Yellow.

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