Our Plants are so Pretty….IT’S SCARY!

Happy Halloween!  Here are some plants we dug up out by the old cemetery.  I have heard some of them have mysterious powers…you should try them to see how many customers they can summons to your store.

J6 Pansy Colossus Formula MixJ6 Pansy Colossus Blotch Yellow 10-31-14J6 Pansy Colossus White-Purple WingJ6 Pansy Matrix Clear Red 10-31-14J6 Snapdragons red 10-31-14J6 Snapdragons Mix 10-31-14J6 Snapdragons Orange 10-31-14J6 Snapdragons#8 Cabbage Red 10-31-14#8 Cabbage White 10-31-14#8 Kale 10-31-14#12 Mum Deco Pots 10-31-14

Our poinsettias are changing colors

Poinsettias 10-31-14Poinsettias 10-31-14 (2)Poinsettias 10-31-14 (3)Poinsettias 10-31-14 (4)Poinsettias 10-31-14 (5)Poinsettias 10-31-14 (6)

Have a safe and festive weekend!

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