Packs For Spring 2015

1204 and J6 flatsYou may have missed it in our packets that we mailed out and you may have missed it in the blog post last week. So just to make sure you are aware, I am doing this post specifically to address our 1204 pack annuals.

What you need to know is that we are not growing any 1204 annuals. We have shifted all the basic annuals production from 1204’s to J6’s (606) and 1801 (#4) production. If you go back to last weeks blog post you can see how we have expanded the 1801 category. We have also increased our J6 production to cover what we would have sold in 1204’s.

The only reason we dropped out 1204 basic annuals we because we have not sold enough of them for that category to be profitable each year for the past several years. We have been dumping 20 to 30 percent of each crop. Basically we didn’t have enough demand for them to keep growing them.

While the 1204 annual category has been shrinking, the J6 and 1801 annuals have been growing which is a trend we expect to continue.

The 1204 annuals are gone but we are continuing to offer our vegetables in 1204’s and #4 Round pots (4″). All the great tomatoes, peppers and vegetables will still be available in 4 packs and 4″. For the last few years we have sold more 1204 vegetable than we did our 1204 annuals.

1801 and 4" roundTo summarize all this: the 1204 annuals were dropped, the J6 and 1801 annuals were increased and expanded and the 1204 vegetables were kept.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these changes.

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