Pansies and Mums – Aug. 30, 2013

It is almost time to start filling up your stores with pansies and mums. Of course a few places *cough*(box stores)*cough* have already received their early shipments of fall plants. I have not been by one yet to see what they have. I avoid going to town if at all possible. I hear the mums look pretty good but no one really expect the pansies in 6” pots to survive this week. It has been right at 100 degrees every day this week. Nothing like a good final baking to end the summer.

I fully expected there to be a huge glut of mums on the market due to the cool weather we had in early August. I know that my mums are running 1-2 weeks earlier than usual especially the early varieties. We have some Light Color showing on 4 out of 5 colors now. However, I think we will catch up to where I have only Big Buds or barely Cracking Color as soon as we start shipping heavy.

All of our annuals are looking great. The J6 petunias are a week earlier than usual with more color than the other fall annuals. Pansies, panolas and violas are look very good too. I have put about half of our first crop on the ready list for next week. There is a little bit of dirt showing now which will be covered by next week.

One more thing before we get to our pictures. For those of you who are in Arkansas and are landscapers, the Arkansas Green Industry Association is having a Fall Landscape Day and Fish Fry at The Good Earth Garden Center on Sept. 12. Hope you all can take a day and come out for some education and a good time.


We haven’t announced it yet, but we (Parks Brothers) with the AGIA will also have a Plant Disease Identification Clinic here in Van Buren, AR which will be taught by Sherri Smith, University of Arkansas Plant Health Clinic. Keep an eye out for more information here.

Now for that moment you have all been waiting for……………Pictures!

You can pretty much count on the bloom counts doubling by next Tues/Wed.

colossus pansy J6 1 colossus pansy J6 4 colossus pansy J6 5 matrix pansy J6 1 matrix pansy J6 2 matrix pansy J6 8 matrix pansy J6 purple panola J6 purple panola J6 yellow panolas J6 viola J6 yellow snapdragons J6 purple dianthus J6 crimson dianthus J6 mix petunias 1801 petunias J6 1 petunias J6 2 petunias J6 mix snapdragon 1801 yellow snapdragons 1801 snapdragons J6 mix snapdragons J6 orange

Mums – #8

8in mums 18 8in mums 07 8in mums 08 8in mums 09 8in mums 10 8in mums 11 8in mums 12 8in mums 14 8in mums 15 8in mums 16 8in mums 17

Mums – #12

mum 12in 48 mum 12in 49 mum 12in 50 mum 12in 51 mum 12in 53 mum 12in 55 mum 12in 56

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