Pansies, Mums and Next Week’s Availability

Next week’s pansies are going fast.  We hoped the crop would be ready by Monday, but it’s going to take a few more days to size up.  However, we are going to release the crop on Monday as small.  Some varieties will not have any color but some will have color, but all the plants will not be what we consider ready until Wednesday or so.  Customers are already placing their orders so be sure to get yours in as soon as possible to get the products you need.  Our pansy availability will improve in the coming weeks.  We have three more plantings that are coming on fast.

Availability for October 11 –  avail-10.11 Please pay close attention to the comments on the availability.

We do have #4 Pansies ready along with cabbage, kale, petunias and snapdragons.

#4 Pansies

4in-pansy pansy

pansy-delta-true-blue pansy-colossus-blotch-yellow-4in

Mums and other stuff

6.5in-mum-yellow1 dreams-petunias-4in

pansy-panola-skyblue-J6 petunia-dreams-baskets

petunia-wave-blue greenhouse

Here are a couple of videos featuring our ornamental kale and cabbage.

My apologies for the extreme close up on this one. 🙂

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