Pansies, Petunias, Poinsettias and More

Next week will be our first week of shipping poinsettias and we are still shipping out pansies.  In some cases on the same truck.  Over the years the pansy season has stretched out until it overlaps with the poinsettia shipments into Louisiana.  Although this year we are still sending out pansies into Arkansas and Oklahoma since the weather has stayed mild.

Ready List: avail11.13

Please note that this availability includes the poinsettias.  A few of the poinsettias show available numbers but have a comment that says “Sold Out.”  This is because of a buffer to take out the poinsettias that are not up to spec.  This buffer is fluid and may increase or decrease as we go along.  We do this to make sure that we can fill 100% of our orders with the best quality plants we have.

Annual Color Pics

calibrachoa-deco swiss-chard-and-kale

Calibrachoas in #6 pots, #10 deco pots (above left) and #10 baskets are still available, along with #6 Swiss Chard (above right) and #6 Kale and #8 Red Bor Kale (above right next to the chard).

pansy-baske21 pansy-basket20

petunia-basket8 Purple Rain and Frosty Rain Pansy baskets and a Petunia basket.

We also have a good selection of pansy, panola and viola colors available for all the late planters.

pansies pansy-colosssus-rose-blotch

pansy-colossus-white-purple-wing violas

Lastly, here are some more poinsettia pictures.

poinsettia5 Some of the crew watering.

poinsettia6 poinsettia-red2

poinsettia-marble10 poinsettia-pink2

poinsettia-shimmer-surprise poinsettia-white9

poinsettia-winter-blush This last one is a new one we are trying from Ecke (I think) called Winter Blush.  Looks like it will be a late variety.

heater-maintenance The never-ending and thankless job of maintenance. I guess I should spring for a ladder one of these days. :-)

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