Pansy and Mum Update And Next Weeks Ready List

Wow!  You all bought a lot of pansies this week!  We will have pansies available next week, but we are sold out of a few colors.  We are pushing our next planting of pansies and hope to have it ready by September 29, but I am not sure that will happen.  It we are unable to get it ready, we will be temporarily out of pansies for a while, hopefully less than a week.  Keep checking back here for updates.

New availability:  availabilityseptember19

Here are pictures of the crop of pansies we are pulling from and the next crop as well.  Note: when I write “pansy” what I mean is pansy, panola and viola; other fall annuals are grown separately and have different crop times.

Also here are some pictures of what’s left of our first petunia crop . . .

. . . and our next crop of petunias.

Finally, here are some more pictures of snaps (last of the first crop), ornamental cabbage, kale, and a sample picture of the bud stage of the mums we have available.

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