Pansy Pictures

These are pictures of the current crop of pansies we are pulling from.  Some of these colors are not available. You can tell from the pictures that some are still on the thin side like the Clear Yellow and need several more days to size up.  It looks like we will not be adding in any more numbers this week to allow this crop to finish and will start selling on the remaining numbers and colors next week.  I will try to get some pictures of our other fall annuals posted tomorrow or the next day.

pansy1 pansy2

pansy3 pansy4

pansy5 pansy6


Also threw in some other pictures just for fun.

 Pansy-Delta-Lavender-Shades Pansy-Delta-Pure-Red

 Pansy-Delta-True-Blue Dianthus-Floral-Lace-Mix

 Dianthus-Floral-Lace-Violet Petunia-Prism-Yellow1

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