Pansy Plugs and More

Our first pansy plug order arrived Saturday from Tagawa Greenhouse.  They have the best pansy plugs around.  We got them unloaded and planted part of them today at one location.  We will finish planting the ones pictured below tomorrow.  We planted some #4 Snapdragons last week along with some #6 Calibrachoas. 

Talked to several customers today about poinsettias and fall items.  I’m glad the poinsettia calls are starting to come in.  I was starting to get a little concerned.  I turned in a bid on custom program for #8 pansies today as well.  Compared to using 4 #4 pots, the #8 price is very attractive and fills up the landscape instantly.

Mums are on schedule.  We have received quite a bit of rain over the last two weeks along with cooler than normal temperatures which has helped the mums along.  We are back into the 100s for highs this week so we will have to watch them closely to keep them from stressing.  Although it looks like we are going to get another shower this afternoon. 

As promised, here are a few pictures I took today:

calibrachoa-6in-4  fall-plugs1

fall-plugs  mums-6.5in

mums-12in  snapdragons-sonnet-4in-5

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