Parks Brothers Farm – Pansy and Poinsettia Update for Nov. 5, 2012

Hello everyone. I hope that you all had a fun and spooky Halloween. I dressed up as a blanket and went to bed early.

We are almost sold out of our pansies and other fall J6 and 1801’s. You can see what we have left on our availability or watch the video. Be sure to get your order in early if you want something for next week. Delivery may be an issue with such a small availability. However, all our fall baskets are on sale and there are quite a few left to fill out those orders for delivery.

alyssum and petunias dreams-petunias-1 

dreams-petunias-9 confetti-garden-baskets

swiss chard  cabbage and kale 

red bor kale 

Planting Cool Wave Pansy Baskets in flower beds create an instant bed of hardy, trailing color. At $5.00 a basket they are an affordable way to get instant flower beds.


Our poinsettias are coloring up and on track for a great looking crop. They will be colored up and ready for shipping the week of November 18. Shipments earlier than that might be a little green depending on the amount of cloudy days we get between now and then. Take a look at the videos to see how a couple of our houses look.


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