Parks Brothers Farm – Update for October 1, 2012

mums Hey everyone,

Once again I am pressed for time. I broke my tooth last night at dinner so I have to cram everything in this morning before going to the dentist. We have a lot of color showing on our pansies in all sizes, panolas and violas. We are pulling from 2 crops of J6 the ones pictured are the current crop and the one shown on the video is the next crop which we have started stocking several colors. The video of the next crop is at the very bottom of the post.

We are also into a new crop of J6 snapdragons and dianthus that are going to be very light on color. Both should have at least Buds with some Buds/Light Color by Monday or Tuesday.

We have some mix #4 (1801) Sonnet Mix Snapdragons left of the current crop with Color and are into a new crop with solid colors in Buds and the Mix with more color.

Be sure to check out the pictures of our baskets, ornamental cabbage and kale, perennials and cole crops so that you don’t miss out on some great products for next week.

Pansy #4 (1801)

panola-J6-8 panola-J6-9

pansy-1801-2 pansy-1801-4

pansy-1801-6 sonnet-mix-snapdragons-1801

Pansies, Panolas and Violas – J6

pansy-J6-1 pansy-J6-3

pansy-J6-4 pansy-J6-6

pansy-J6-7 pansy-J6-9

pansy-J6-10 viola-J6-1



wave-blue-petunia-baskets confetti-baskets


Cabbage and Kale

cabbage-and-peacock-kale kale-6in

kale-8in-2 kale-8in


Quart Perennials

perennial-aster-lavender-blue perennial-coreopsis-big-bag-red-shift

perennials-qt-6 perennials-qt-7

Premium Gallon Perennials

agastache-summer-raspberry echinacea-pink-double-delight

gailardia-red-sun perennials-gal-premium

Cole Crops and Swiss Chard

cole-crops swiss-chard-6in

Next crops of 1801 Sonnet Snapdragons and J6 Pansy, Panolas and Violas

next-crop-1801-snapdragons next-crop-of-J6

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