Parks Brothers Farm – Update for October 15, 2012

matrix-morpheus-pansyOkey doky folks. I hope you all had a good week. We are moving along through fall fast. Soon we will be into Poinsettia season. I want to apologize if you have had problems getting our website to load. We have been experiencing some technical difficulties. Apparently, we have a big website that needs additional RAM that was not allocated to our domains. We are working to resolve this now.

Since we are almost halfway through October, I want to give you an availability update so this is where we are at now:

  • #8 Mums – what we have on availability is pretty much it. We might be able to scrape up a few more pots here and there. We have everything from Cracking Purple to Good Color White available.
  • #12 Mums – what we have on availability is it too unless we get a cancellation. Even though we are getting to the end of our mums we still are shipping Cracking Buds with some Buds/Light Color on the White which means that you will have good shelf life on them.
  • #4 Pansies – we will be pulling from the last two crops next week. They are rooted but there is still some dirt showing on some colors.
  • J6 Pansies – we are into the next to last planting on all items and into the last planting of violas. Since we into both crops a little early we have availability ranging from Buds to Good Color.
  • J6 Annuals
    • Petunias – half of what we have available is from the next to last planting with Color to Good Color and the other half is the last planting with Buds and a little Buds/Light/Color
    • Snapdragons – we have part of the last planting left
    • Alyssum – into the last planting. For some reason our purple bloomed white. I guess our plug supplier got something crossways.
    • Dianthus – out except for a few flats of Crimson.
  • #6 and #8 Kale – good availability. Ask us about our SPECIAL ON #8 RED BOR KALE.
  • #10 Fall Baskets – our Foliage, Dreams Petunias, Cool Wave Pansies and Confetti Garden baskets are all ON SALE. Check out the availability for prices and our pictures below.

J6 and #4 Pansies, J6 Violas, Petunias and Alyssum

sorbet-violas-J6 clear-crystals-white-alyssum-J6

colossus-pansies-J6 colussus-purple-pansy-4in

dreams-petunis-4in panolas-J6

matrix-pansies-1 matrix-pansies-5

pansy-4in petunias-J6


blue-wave-petunias-and-mums  dreams-petunia-baskets

confetti-garden-7 confetti-garden-8


Cabbage, Kale and Mums


mums-bronze-12in-0 mums-white-12ii

mums-bronze-12in-2 mums-bronze-12in-46


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