Parks Brothers Farm – Update for October 29, 2012

matrix-red-wing-pansy-J6This is a late update for this week but I took Friday off. Hey, I deserved it.

Here are what the pansies and other fall color is looking like now. We have a few 12” Bronze mums left but I did not get back to get pictures of them. It has taken me all day just to get these.

We have some great looking #6 and #8 ornamental cabbage, ornamental kale, red bor kale and swiss chard.

6in-cabbage-kale-chard red-bor-kale-8in

ornamental-cabbage-8in-9 ornamental-kale-8in-2

What colors we do have left in the #4 (1801) and J6 pansies, panolas, violas, petunias and alyssum all have good color and look great too.

viola-J6-8  blothc-yellow-viola-J6

greenhouse-2 greenhouse-1

pansy-4in-1 pansy-4in-3 

pansy-4in-4 pansy-4in-5 

pansy-blotch-blue-light-blue-mix-4in pansy-J6-1 

pansy-J6-3 pansy-J6-5 

pansy-J6-7 viola-J6-1 

J6-alyssum-and18.1-petunias J6-petunias-5 


All Baskets are now on discounted even more. Check out our availability for prices.

confetti-basket confetti-baskets-5

 cool-wave-basket-6 cool-wave-basket-7

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