Parks Brothers Farm – Update For September 10, 2012

Running behind today so you get a short post. We had a thunderstorm hit last night about 5 pm as I was going home. We must have been ground zero for a microburst downdraft. The winds were crazy for a while. We have a lot of mums to set back up this morning. There were thousands blown over, but we got them back upright. We didn’t loose very many to any breaking so that was a good thing plus we got a good rain out of it.

We have lots of pansies, petunias, dianthus and violas showing great color. The mums are coming on fast. We have some with really big buds that should be cracking open in a week or so and a few that are already cracking open.

Don’t take my word for it though. I have pictures and video proof! Check out the Current Availability link (it is working now) to see the numbers.

We may be adding some #4 Pansies to the availability early next week if they like the cool weather we have forecasted and finish filling out the pots.

colossus-blotch-mix-pansy-J6-12 colossus-blotch-mix-pansy-J6-58 colossus-blotch-yellow-pansy-J6-48 colossus-pansy-J6-270 delta-red-beaconsfiled-and-matrix-true-blue-pansy delta-red-J6 dreams-petunias-J64 madness-merlot-mix-petunias-J6 matrix-orange-and-purple-J6 matrix-white-and-yellow-J6 pansy-J6-08 pansy-J6-87 sorbet-violas-J6 mum-12-bronze-for-wks-37-38 mum-12in-pink mum-12in-white-for-wks37-38-1 mum-12in-white-for-wks37-38-9 mum-12-red-for-wk37-38-1 mum-12in-yellow-for-wks-38-39 mum-12-red-for-wk37-38-3 mum-12-red-for-wk37-38-2  mum-12in-yellow-for-wks-37-38 mum-8in-813 mum-8in-207 mum-8in-325 mum-8in-458 mum-8in-759 mum-8in-52

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