Parks Brothers Farm – Update for September 17, 2012

Hello everyone,

All our pansies and mums are coming on nicely. The cooler weather seems to be here and folks should be ready to start replacing their crispy, summer flower beds. Once again I am short on time today so you get two videos and lots of pictures again.

We have a lot of 12” mums that will be cracking color by next week. We also have a lot of orders to fill so even though we will have about 10,000 ready, we will have about 3,000 available for next week.

We are pulling from two crops on almost everything. Here are what the first crops looks like:

J6-clear-mix-pansy-10 J6-colossus-blotch-yellow-pansy

J6-pansy-1 J6-pansy-1st-crop-3

J6-pansy-1st-crop-9 sorbet-mix-viola

sorbet-yellow-viola J6-floral-lace-mix-dianthus

1801-sonnet-mix-snapdragons J6-dreams- appleblossom-petuinas

J6-dreams-midnight-petuinas-4 J6-petuinas-1

Our first crop of 1801 pansies is ready now too:

1801-pansies-22 1801-matrix-clear-mix-pansies-3

1801-panies-3 1801-pansies-2

1801-pansies-10 1801-pansies-11

The first crop of 1801 and second crop of J6 are in the same house. Here is a video of both and some pictures below that:

J6-pansies-28 J6-pansies-25

J6-pansies-26 J6-pansies-27


I have more J6 petunias, snapdragons and dianthus for next week but they do not have a lot of color. They are not in the inventory yet but will be added in as we transition crops on Monday or Tuesday. I expect them to be showing a lot more color on Monday but I want to look at them then first. The 1801 petunias are ready but not pictured. They have more color than the J6 except for the midnight and burgundy.

J6-petunias-20 J6-petunias-24


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