Parks Brothers Farm – Update for September 24, 2012

coffee-cup Fall is officially here…tomorrow!

As usual, I am behind and on my 4th cup of coffee so you get lots of pictures and a video and not a lot me jabbering. I will be adding some more perennials to the availability this weekend or Monday so if you are interested in some more of those be sure to check back on Monday.

We have some more new items on the availability this week. For those of you who have been waiting we now have cole crops and collards available in J6 flats.


Cool new Cool Wave Pansies!

cool-wave-pansy-2 cool-wave-pansy-1

We are pulling from 2 crops of J6 pansies and into new crops on the panolas and violas. This is what the remainder of the earlier crop looks like:

matrix-pansies9 red-wing-and-blothc-blue


And this is what the next crop looks like. I took these pictures on Thursday and am writing this on Friday. I was in this house again this morning before writing this and the color really popped out in just a day. On the varieties showing less color, I estimate that the bloom counts doubled. So don’t be afraid of these, I think that we will have a lot more color out on these by Monday and Tuesday!

violas-panolas colossus-pansies-1

colossus-pansies-3 matrix-pansies4

matrix-pansies8 matrix-pansies-5


1801 (#4) Pansies

colossus-pansies-4in colossus-blotch-mix-pansy-4in

Other J6 Fall Annuals

dusty-miller floral-lace-red-dianthus-J6

floral-lace-white-dianthus-J6 montego-mix-snapdragons-J6

montego-snapdragons-J6-1 petunias-dreams-J6-3

petunias-dreams-J6-4 petunias-dreams-J6-5

petunias-dreams-J6-6 petunis-dreams-4in

sonnet-mix-snapdragons-4in wave-petunias-6in

Mums – we are scrambling to keep up on our 8” mums. They are going out fast. We have a few left on the availability and after those are gone, we will most likely be out for the year. I will have a better idea of where we are at by the end of next week. We have to estimate shippable plants to account for losses and mums that are out of spec.

Here is a video update on the 12” mums. We have been keeping up with shipping cracking color so far but we may get into some tight buds next week if we ship faster than they crack open.

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