Parks Wholesale Plants Availability for March 4, 2013

voltage yellow osteosperemum Hey everyone,

Sorry this is late. I have been working on a glitch with our availability links on the right. They are correct as of right now. I hope they keep working.

Since my who day has pretty much been shot. I am going straight to the pictures. I will say that the availability has not changed much in that we didn’t add a lot of items. We do have some more color showing on what we do have available but over all we are light on selection and/or color on most categories. We will have a lot more in about 7-10 days.

Like these 1204 begonias that will be ready in a week or so.

1204 begonias

We have a good availability on cole crops

1204 cole crops 2 1204 cole crops 3 1204 cole crops 4

1204 Impatiens and peppers are ready.

1204 impatiens 1204 peppers

Asparagus fern baskets are starting to fill out and trail.

asparagus fern baskets

#4 Charley’s Vegetables – Tomatoes and watermelons are ready. Other veggies will be ready sometime next week so check with your sales rep to see when they get added to the availability

charleys vegetables tomato 4in charleys vegetables watermelons 4in

These #6 Confetti Gardens and #12 Impatiens Combos need another week or two.

confetti garden 6in impatiens shade combo decos

J6 annuals are starting to color up good. Impatiens have Good Color.

J6 dianthus 2 J6 dianthus 8

J6 impaties J6 marigolds

J6 petunias J6 portulaca

#6 Kong – 2 colors are ready. The rest need more time.

kong coleus 6in

#4.5 Lobelia and Ostoe are great early spring plants.

lobelia hot water blue 4.5in osteospermum voltage yellow 4.5in

#4True Stepables are getting ready.

stepables 4in true 1 stepables 4in true 2

#4 Charley’s Ozark Beauty Strawberries are ready and I think those are small strawberries already on the plants.

strawberry ozark beauty 4in

Wave Baskets look great with lots of blooms.

wave petunia baskets 4 wave petunia baskets 5

#6 Waves are getting there. New (for us) Mystic Pink and not new Neon Rose have Good Color.

wave petunias 6in 4 wave petunias 6in 6 wave petunias 6in 7

Our Begonia basket will be ready in a few weeks.

young begonia baskets

Thanks for visiting We are your best source for wholesale plants. We service a 600 mile area from our location in Van Buren, AR. Be sure to check back regularly for updates.


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