Patio Containers

Patio container pots are are a good way to add instant color to your porch or patio. We grow a wide variety of plants ready to sell in patio pots also called containers, container pots, color bowls and deco pots.

#10 Succulent Bowl – An attractive mixture of different succulents in a decorative bowl planter that will add some contrast and texture to your patio or porch.


#12 Deco Pots

These are our monoculture pots. Monoculture means one variety so there is only one variety in each pots. While there may only be one variety, they still come in lots of different colors.

#12 Deco Combo Pots – Please follow the links below to see each of the Combination Deco Pots we grow.

#14 Color Bowls

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