Beardtongue (Penstemon digitals)

onyx and pearls penstemon © ball
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Common Name: Beardtongue

Penstemon is a very tough perennial. It is easy to grow and drought tolerant. It is a North American native. They love the summer heat and humidity but are cold hardy as well. Pest insects rarely bother them and pollinators and hummingbirds love its tubular blooms.

Most penstemon are large plants and have dark foliage. Blooms range for white to pink. They bloom from spring through summer. Penstemons need well-drained soil, but other than that they they are low maintenance.

Penstemon digitalis Onyx and Pearls has dark foliage on large, upright plants. Its flowers are creamy white to a very soft pink and contrast nicely against the dark purple leaves.

Plant in full sun 38-42″ apart. They grow up to 42″ tall and 38-42″ wide.

Penstemon is available in our Quart Native Perennials size category.

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