Lucky Star Pentas

Clusters of small, star shaped red flowers cover Lucky Star Pentas. These clusters top off lush, compact plants with dark green foliage. Lucky Star blooms more than other pentas due to being specifically bred for faster follow-up blooming.

Lucky Star is a tidy selection for your containers with compact plants and more flowers all season. Continuous blooming on lush plants makes for a hard to beat combination for landscapes.

Butterflies and hummingbirds find pentas a delicacy and will visit your garden often while these beauties are in bloom. For those who have issues with Vinca dying due to disease, they are a good alternative and are not as susceptible to the aerial phytophthora as Vinca.

Lucky Star Pentas love the heat and do well in hot, humid conditions. Sunny locations are preferred, but they will still look great with part shade. Like most heat-loving plants, they do not like to be kept in constantly wet soil. Make sure you soil drains well and allow them to dry out some between waterings.

Pentas are easy to grow and low maintenance. Fertilize them when planted with a time-release fertilizer and remove the spent blooms occasionally. Pentas will look great all summer with little effort.

Plant in full sun 8-10″ apart. Grows 12-16″ tall and 12-14″ wide.

We grow Lucky Star in our #4.5 Premium Annuals and #12 Deco sizes and carry in the #4.5’s Dark Red, Deep Pink, Lipstick, Violet and White. In the #12 Deco we grow Mixed colors.

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