Peonies have spectacular, fragrant double flowers bloom May to June and striking, glossy, green foliage all summer. Peony blooms are sometimes a little too much for the slender stems and may need to be staked to help hold them up. The plants form a bushy, mound of deep green foliage.

Peonies are ideal for gardens as low hedge plants or for cut flowers. Once they are established, they are very hardy. Sometimes ants may show up on the buds but they will not do any harm to them.

Remove spent blooms during their blooming season. Peonies sometimes struggle to keep booming and looking nice in high temperatures and humidity. Prune them back in the fall to 1-3″ above the the ground.

Peony blooms attract butterflies and the plants are deer and rabbit resistant.

Plant in full sun to part sun (afternoon shade) 24-36″ apart. Grows 24-36″ tall.

Peony are available in our 2G Premium Perennials (approximately a 2 gal container) size category. We grow four varieties Alexander Fleming, Felix Krousse. Sarah Bernhardt and White Wings.

Alexander Fleming Peony

Alexander Fleming has rose-pink double blooms that are fragrant. The blooms fade to pink along the edges of the petals. The addition of side buds that sprout help extend the blooming season for Alexander Fleming.

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Felix Crousse Peony

Felix Krousse was introduced in 1881 and has large red, double blooms with ruffled petals. The ends of the petals have a slight sheen. Blossoms are fragrant, and the foliage is lush green. 

Sarah Bernhardt Peony

Sarah Bernhardt has huge, pink, double blooms that can reach 7-9 inches in diameter! This popular peony has ruffled inner petals with sporadic flecks of dark pink in the center of the fragrant flower. 

White Wings Peony

White Wings is a Japanese-style peony that has white, single blooms of 5-10 broad overlapping petals around a center of golden yellow. The petals are slightly ruffled. Blooms are fragrant. The foliage is made of up lush, green leaves that are oval to lance shaped.

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