Powis Castle Artemesia


Artemisia Powis Castle is shrubby and aromatic. The mild camphor fragrance comes from the feathery finger-like leaves of silvery-gray. This perennial adds texture and contrast to your landscape.

Artemisia is very drought tolerant and easy to grow. Powis Castle looks good all by itself or combined with other perennials. Yellow flowers bloom in late summer but are not really significant. It’s best to remove them to keep the foliage looking its best.

Powis Castle Artemisia is evergreen in the winter and deer and rabbit resistant. It may require pruning to keep it in check. Cut back to about 12-18″ in the spring to promote new growth from the bottom. Artemisia does best in soils with good drainage but will grow in less than optimal soils.

Plant in full sun to part shade 24-36″ apart. Grows 24-28″ tall and 36-60″ wide.

Artemisia Powis Castle is available in our Quart Perennial category.

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