Itsy Petunia

itsy white petunia bloom
itsy pink petunia bloom © syngenta
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Itsy Petunia is a trailing petunia with small blooms. It has good vigor and each stem is covered in small blooms. The abundance of blooms creates a small blanket of color.

Itsy Petunia is being touted as a more heat tolerant substitute of Sutera Bacopa. Itsy’s small blooms are very similar to Sutera. While Sutera is not very tolerant of hot, humid environments, Itsy Petunia has better tolerance for that type of climate.

Itsy Petunias do well in both landscapes and in containers.

Plant in full sun to part sun 14-18″ apart. Grows 4-6″ tall and 18-24″ wide.

We grow Itsy Pink and Itsy White in our #4.5 Annuals category size.

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