Pictures and Video of Our Fall Annuals and Mums

Here are the pictures I promised and there is a video at the bottom.  I took the video early this morning even before I had a cup of coffee.  I will be sure not to ever do that again, but when you have a face made for radio there is only so much a guy can do.  I will be out of the office from Thursday until Monday.  I will try to upload the availability remotely but we will have to see how that goes.  Otherwise I will post it on Monday.

dusty-miller kale-red

mums-6.5in mums-12in

mums-bronze mums-white

pansy-colossus pansy-colossus-neon-violet

pansy-colossus-rose-blotch pansy-colossus-white

pansy-colossus-white-purple-wing pansy-crown-red

pansy-fama-true-blue pansy-matrix

pansy-matrix-clear-mix pansy-matrix-red-yellow

pansy-midnight-glow1 pansy-midnight-glow2

petunia-dreams1 petunias-dreams-appleblossom

snapdragons-montego-bronze snapdragons-montego-mix

snapdragons-sonnet-mix2 snapdragons-sonnet-pink

viola-penny viola-penny-all-season-mix


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