Pictures, Availability And An Arctic Blast For Feb. 13, 2012

Believe it or not, it’s time to start the spring for those of you in the South (who haven’t already started). Unfortunately, our first availability also coincides with an Arctic blast of cold air arriving tonight. It is going to be very cold around here this weekend, but we are back up in the 60’s by the end of the week.

We have made some investments in programming and are happy to announce that our Current Availability link at the top of our right side menu will automatically update every 30 minutes (as long as everything works the way it is supposed to). So no matter when you check the Current Availability, you will know that it is no more than 30 minutes old. As we enter orders on those busy weeks, the inventory is adjusted as the orders are entered. This will allow us to improve your ordering with us by showing a more accurate inventory than previous years when I was uploading an updated availability manually. We hope you like this improved feature. Please let us know if there is any other ways we can improve your ordering experience with us.

We currently have a few items ready. The ones getting the most interest now are our cole crops and onions (I was lazy and did not get a picture of the onions. Sorry.)

1204-cole crops

We also have a few annuals and perennials available. Our dianthus will be ready in a few weeks. We also have some ageratum and impatiens ready but again with the lazy and did not get pictures of them.

#1G-hardy-ferns #1G-korean-rock-fern

#6-wave-petunia-plum-vein #6-wave-petunia-violet-and-white

J6-snaps SANY2251

Here are some more items, but that you can be looking forward to being ready in the future.

#6-confetti-gardens #10-caliente-geranium-basket

#10-dragonwing-baskets #12-rhythm-and-blues-petunias-petunias


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