Pictures Only – September 6, 2013

Once again I am short on time so all you get this week are pictures. For those of you who will miss my bad grammar, spelling errors and dangling participles, I will try to do better next week.

Have a great weekend.

I almost forgot. The 1801 pansies will be ready next week. Be sure to look at the future availability (shows 1 week out) to see what we have available for next week. The current availability is what we have today.

1801 Pansies (the sun was coming up when I took these pics so there are some weird shadows)

pansy 1801 27 pansy 1801 37 pansy 1801 29 pansy 1801 30 pansy 1801 31 pansy 1801 32 pansy 1801 33 pansy 1801 34 pansy 1801 35 pansy 1801 36

And now for the rest…

calibrachoa 6in dianthus J6 dreams appleblossom petunias J6 dreams petunias J6 74 dreams petunias J6 79 dreams petunias J6 80 dusty miller J6 panolas J6 pansy colossus blotch mix J6 pansy colossus blotch purple J6 pansy colossus blotch white J6 pansy colossus blotch yellow J6 pansy J6 65 pansy J6 66 pansy J6 72 snapdragon montego J6 snapdragon montego mix J6 snapdragon montego orange bicolor J6 snapdragon sonnet yellow 1801 snapdragon sonnet 1801 snapdragon sonnet mix 1801 viola yellow duet J6 violas J6 wave petunia blue 6in wave petunia pink 6in  bronze 8in mums bronze 12in mum bronze mum cracking purple mum cracking purple 8in mums 1 purple 8in mums 2 purple 8in mums 26 purple 12in mums red 8in mums cracking red 8in mums 8 red 12in mums red mum cracking 1 yellow 8in mums 2 yellow mum cracking yellow 8in mums 1 yellow 12in mums 1 yellow 12in mums 2

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