Pinstripe and Black Velvet Petunia Trial

Here are how some of the new Pinstripe and Black Velvet Petunias turned out in a hanging basket.  Not sure how I feel about these.  They don’t seem to like being grown in gallon pots; they seem to need more room and airflow to look good.  Although we did some 10in Deco pots that struggled too.  The baskets did the best of the three sizes (gallons, decos and baskets). 

Anyway these baskets look OK.  These were given plenty of room so the lopsided growth is from the plant itself.  The plants themselves are more mounding and needed to be pinched at least once.  We may have pinched some of them twice plus we used a PGR on them, but it was also 100+ degrees from the time we stuck the cuttings until about a month ago.  We really had to stay on top of them to keep them looking nice.  I think a spring growing season and maybe a late fall (Halloween?) season would be more suitable for these plants here in the south. 

I am going do use some of these in combinations next spring and play with them in different sizes (6in or 4.5in maybe) to see how much the consumer demand hangs around for spring.

petunia-pinstripe3 petunia-black-velvet4

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