Plant Container Sizes

There may be some slight variation on the look of the containers due to which supplier we use but the sizes will remain basically the same.

J6 (606) Tray

Our basic pack annuals are grown in the slim J6 (606) tray (8.5″x20″). Also called the Jumbo 6, the J6 tray has 6 6-packs per tray for a total of 36 plants per tray. The pack volume is 147 ml and total volume is 882 ml.

We grow a wide selection of basic annuals in the J6 in the spring and fall.

Additionally in the fall, we also grow a limited selection of J6 cole crop vegetables.

1204 Tray

Our vegetables are grown in the slime 1204 (8.5″x20″). The 1204 has 12 4-packs per tray for a total of 48 plants per tray. The pack volume is

We grow our peppers, tomatoes and vegetables in the 1204s.

comparison J6 1204

306 Pack & Tray

We grow a 306 pack that is comes 3 6-packs to the tray. The 6-packs hold 360 ml (12.1 fl oz) per cell and the total tray holds 2.16 L (2.25 qt). The cell dimensions are 2 15/16″ x 3 11/16″ x 3 1/4″. The tray measures 10″ x 20″.

We currently only grow Wave Petunias in this tray. We use the pink Wave Petunia 6-packs.

#3.5 Round Pot & Tray

This pot is the Shuttle Pot 350 Round. It’s 3.5″ wide adn holds 12.30 fl oz (365 ml). It’s tray is 7.5″ x 20″ and holds 12 pots per tray.

We use this pot/tray to grow our #3.5 Succulents.

#4 (1801) Square Pots & Tray and #4 (1001) Round Pots & Tray

For those who like to use larger plants, we carry a wide selection of basic annuals in the standard #4 (1801) square pot. This pot is the 3.25″ 1.0 pint (473 ml) square pot and the tray is a 10″ x 20″ tray pack 18 pots to the tray.

In the 1801s, we grow a selection of annuals, accent plants and caladiums in the spring.

In the fall, we grow a good selection of fall annuals in the 1801s.

The #4 Round pot is a 4″ diameter 1.0 pint (473 ml) pot. The tray dimensions are 8″ x 20″ and it holds 10 pots per tray.

We grow our herbs, peppers, strawberry, tomatoes and vegetables in the #4 Round pot.

We also grow our Peace Farm Organics and Pollinators in this #4 Round pot with branded Peace Farm on the outside.

#4 pot comparison
#4 flat pot comparison

#4 (1801) Square Stepables

We are also an authorized Stepables grower for the mid-South and an authorized retailer. We grow the Stepables program in the #4 (1801) Square pot configuration. In addition the pots all come with a barcode sticker on the pot.

The specs specs are the same as the $3 (1801) Square Pot & Tray above.

#4.5 Pot & Tray

The #4.5 Pot is a Shuttle Pot 450 Round with a 4.5″ diameter round pot with a total volume of 676 ml (1.43 pint). The #4.5 round comes in a shuttle tray that is 9″ x 22.5″ and holds 10 pots per tray.

We grow our premium annuals in the #4.5 and it is our most popular size category (#4.5 Premium Annuals).

The #4.5 Premium Annuals has 126 items and includes Angelonia, Tuberous Begonias, Calibrachoa, Geraniums, Ipomoea, Lantana, Pentas, Cora Cascade Vinca and more!

We also grow a limited selection of fall premium annuals in the #4.5’s.

1.0 QT Proven Winners

We grow Proven Winners in a 1.0 QT container. The 1.0 QT is 4.625″ wide and 4.6875″ tall. It holds a liquid volume of 1.94 pints (917.96 ml).

The tray for the 1.0 QT is 10″ x 19.5″ and holds 8 pots per tray.

Only the Proven Winners and PW Grasses are grown in this pot.

QT Square Pot & Tray

The QT Square pot is a 4.5″ pot with a volume of 1.01 qt (955 ml). The tray is 12.25″ x 17″ and hold 15 pots per tray.

We carry the QT Perennials and QT Premium Perennials in this configuration. Pots are usually black but sometimes can be terracotto or tan/brown.

#6 Pots and Trays

comparison 6" pots
comparison 6"

The #6 Pot has a 5.5″ diameter (OD) with a volume of 1.18 L (1.25 qt). The trays are 10″ x 20″ and hold 6 pots per tray in a staggered configuration. All are in black pots except for the #6 Wave Petunias which are in the branded Wave pot.

We grow our #6 Deluxe Annuals, #6 Wave Petunias and #6 Premium Annuals in this configuration with the exception of the #6 Premium Annual Geraniums. We also use the #6 black pot configuration for fall #6 items like kale and Wave Petunias.

We grow our #6 Premium Annual Geraniums and our #6 Confetti Garden in a #6 Pot with a diameter of 15 cm (approx. 5.9″) and a volume of 1.24 l (1.31 qt). The tray for this pot is 12″ x 17″. These trays also hold 6 pots per tray but are not staggered.

The #6 Confetti are in a Confetti Garden branded pot with the barcode on the pot. The #6 Geraniums are in the same pot and tray except they are grown in black pots.

The #6 pot we grow our #6 Poinsettias in is slightly larger at 6″ OD with a volume of 1.42 L (1.50 qt.).

Regarding all of our poinsettia and mum pots, all the specs are approximates and may vary some due to substitutions and availability issues.

1G Pot and Tray

mandevilla 1G

What we call “1G” is officially the Shuttle Pot 670 Round Trade Gallon. It is 6.7″ wide and 5.875″ tall. It holds 2.54 L (2.68 qt.). It’s tray is 13.125″ x 19.75″.

We produce a lot of items in this container including Sunpatiens, Lantana, Tropical Hibiscus, Mandevilla, perennials, tomatoes and more.

tomatoes 1G
sunrosa roses 1G
sunpatiens white 1G

#8 Pots

The #8 pots we use often change from year to year due price, suppliers or other issues.

We try to use the same #8 pot for our #8 Ornamental Cabbage and Kale, #8 Mums and #8 Poinsettias but it doesn’t always work out that way.

Whatever happens, the #8 pot will be approximately 8″ OD and hold approximately 3.4 L (3.61 qt). Sizes will vary some.

#10 Hanging Basket

We are transitioning to a new 10HB. The new basket is green and has a 10″ outside diameter (9″ inside diameter). It is 6.625″ tall and holds 5.7 L (1.51 gal.). The hangers are plastic 3 strand hangers. The pot is shown to the right.

In the past we have used swirl and ribbed designs. While the container has stayed pretty much the same, the visible design has changed. There may be a few pots of the old inventory show up in some plantings.

In the future, we may change back to some of the older designs as availability changes year to year.

We grow all our #10 spring and fall baskets in this container.

#10 Pots

We also use #10 pots to grow our #10 Poinsettias.

We normally use the #10 Hanging Basket container shown above to grow our #10 Poinsettias. In some years we’ve had to substitute other containers but all were approximately the same size as the #10 we used.

Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures that show the pots. We have a lot of pictures of the poinsettias in general but not one with a clear view of the plant and container.

#10 Bowls & #14 Bowls

#10 Bowls TBD

We grow our #10 Succulent Bowls in this size.

Due to availability and supply issues. This pot and the specs can change without notice and this page may not be completely up to date on the specific pot but the overall size will remain the same.

#14 bowls have a 14″ OD and are 5.75″ tall. They hold 7.9 L (2.09 gal.).

Due to availability and supply issues. This pot and the specs can change without notice and this page may not be completely up to date on the specific pot but the overall size will remain the same.

We grow the #14 Colors Bowls is this container.

2G Pots

peony 2 gal

We use a 2G pot (2.00 G Elite BM Container) that is 8.75″ OD (outside diameter) and holds 6.52 L (1.72 gal.). The pot is 8.5″ tall.

We grow our peonies in a black 2G container.

#10 Deco Pot

We use the #10 Deco pot for Fall Deco production.

#12 Hanging Baskets & #12 Deco Pots

We use a green #12 Basket with 11.75 OD, and a volume of 9.20 L (2.39 gal.).

We use green basket with a swirl pattern. The hangers are 4 strand plastic hangers.

We grow all of our #12 Baskets in this container.

The #12 Deco pots we use have a 12″ OD and hold approximately 9.5-10.5 L (2.5-2.9 gal.). We have been trying to use more decorative type containers that are darker in color with decorative looks the last several years.

We grow all the #12 Deco and all #12 Deco Combos in the #12 Deco pot.

Leftover inventory and supply chain issues could result in leftover pots that are different being used to use up old inventory or substitutions resulting in container changes. The sizer will remain approximately the same.

Our #12 pots that we grow our #12 mums in can vary year to year. Their dimension and volume will be the same approximations as the #12 Deco pots above. For now the pot shown is the container we plan to use which is 12″ OD/10.8 L (2.86 gal)

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