Plant Pictures To Go With Friday’s Post

After much searching and a final reluctant trip to wally-world, I purchased a universal card reader that will read 51 types of CF, SD, MS, XD, Micro SD and Sim Cards.  I still had to call my wife and ask what kind of card our camera uses because with the way my week ended last week, it would have been just my luck to have a card made in Turkmenistan that required a special reader that is only available via mail order on Beautifying Country International Festival of the Turkmen of the World Day which is the 1st of April which would mean I would have to wait until next year to get one.  But I digress . . .

Here are some pictures I took last Friday.  I have a passel (horde? gaggle? legion? slew? batch? mess?) of pictures to post.  I going to post them about 10-15 at a time so check back tomorrow etc. for more pictures.

accent-plants ajuga-bronze-beauty

anemanthele-buffalo-gold angelonia

begonias blue-ageratum

blue-eyes-fuchsia caladiums-1

caladiums-2 caladium-white

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