Planting Clematis and Pictures

As soon as I posted yesterday’s blog post, our clematis plants showed up.  We started yesterday and finished planting them this afternoon.  It was 20 degrees F last night.  I stayed up to midnight then came over to the farm and checked all the heaters.  Thankfully, there were no problems.  It is still cold today.  The crew went home after they finished planting the clematis.  I guess they were cold or something.  We have some begonia plugs that will be ready to plant first thing Monday morning. 

Here are some pictures that I took while checking on things today.

4in-pansy First planting of #4 pansies

4in-petunias First planting of #4 petunias; the brown pots are #8 planters with a combination of 1 orange osteospermum and 2 blue petunias; and the pink pots are #8 tidal wave petunias

6in-wave-petunias First planting of #6 Wave Petunias

clematis The clematis we planted today.  Note that all the clematis will be in 1G pots that ship 6 to a flat this year.

planting-clematis The crew planting clematis

combo-baskets #12 Combo Basket – this combo has 1 orange osteospermum, 2 blue wave petunias and 1 blue vein petunia

watering Watering the combo baskets.  We will hang them up to finish in a couple of weeks

combo-deco #12 Combo Deco – this one is monochromatic yellow with a yellow osteospermum, yellow calibrachoa, yellow trailing snapdragon and yellow trailing petunia

J6-salvia First planting of J6 salvia

sunflower-seedlings Sunflower seedlings sprout old school in an open tray

Fog Fog in the greenhouse.  It was too cold to turn on the exhaust fan to suck out the moisture.

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