Planting Cuttings

Here is a quick video of one of the ladies planting ajuga cuttings.

We order in a lot of our vegetative plants as unrooted cuttings (URC) and stick (plant) them ourselves.  Once the cuttings have rooted out well we will then transplant the plugs into their finished containers.  The ajuga shown here will go into #4s. 

The house that we root our cuttings in is a small greenhouse with wooden benches.  Because of the setup of the house, we have to set up small stations like the one shown in the vide to stick the cuttings.  It is not the most efficient way the stick cuttings, but the crew does a pretty good job.  They are averaging about 250 cuttings per person per hour.  I would prefer to use our transplanting belt to stick the cuttings but it is just not possible in this greenhouse.

Also here is a picture of the ajuga after they are planted.  Notice how wilted the plants are.  It will take them about a day to re-saturate and to stand back up.


The same is true for these geraniums that have also just been stuck.


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