Planting Mums In The Heat

This week has been scorching hot.  We started planting mums in the field on Monday.  Since then the highs have been about 100 degrees each day.  We have a cool front coming through tonight and highs tomorrow are supposed to be about 95 or so with a slight chance of scattered thunder showers.

I don’t know about where you are, but we really need the rain.  The grass is all crispy and yards look more like the end of August instead of the end of June. 

We had some equipment difficulties with planting the mums on Monday but other than that everything is running smoothly.  We finished the #6.5 mums today and started the #8.  I expect to be done with them on Friday, then we will start the #12’s.

It will be a challenge to keep the mums from stressing in the heat, but all we can do is water when they need it and keep on feeding them.  Monitoring the EC and pH will be very important for the next two months.

That’s all I had for now.  Take care.

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