Plugs And Planting

hardy ferns We are planting a lot of plugs now. This time of year we are running at full planting mode. We got in 98,000 cuttings and liners this week and probably planted that many or more plugs.

We do almost all of our own seed and cutting propagation. There are a few items we buy in as rooted liners, but it is not many. Before I get to the plug stuff let’s talk about the cole crops.

We are going to move them out to our shade house. There is no heat in that house so the cole crops will harden off and toughen up. The waterers can water them more with out worrying about the plants stretching which will help them finish rooting out. They are not quite rooted out well enough to ship.

We have some other items that are coming along nicely and will be ready in a 2-3 weeks to go with the cole crops. Once we get them outside, they will not get too tall while we wait for the other plants to get ready.

This is what they look like when I checked on them Friday morning (1/8/13). Most of them are 50-75% rooted.

broccoli 1204 cole crops 1204

In case you didn’t know, we also do onions in 1204’s too. There are 4-7 live onion plants per cell for a total of 16-28 plants per pack. Your customers who want onions can start out with live plants instead of a dried up onion bunch that may or may not grow. These are also well suited for smaller gardens which don’t need  a whole onion bunch.

onions 1204

Like I started out with we have been planting like crazy and here is the proof:

Begonias are popular and we have a lot of them in production. The begonias on the left are big and ready to plant. The other pictures are of a new crop just sprouting.

begonia plugs begonia seedlings 2

begonia seedlings 3 begonia seedlings 5

Coleus seedlings and hardy hibiscus liners that are almost ready to plant.

coleus seedlings hardy hibiscus plugs

Tomato plugs seeded this week and tomato plugs seeded about 3 weeks ago. As you can see they grow fast.

new tomato plug tray tomato plugs

They all start out tiny and some take longer grow like the pentas. Some grow fast like tomatoes and marigolds.

penta seedlings marigold plugs

A couple of pictures of our plug house.

plug houes 9 plug house 3

This is some of what we planted this week:

Dragon Wing Begonias in #6 pots and #12 Deco pots.

dragon wing 6in dragon wing begonia deco pots

Planting J6 Begonias and #4 Charley’s Vegetables today.

planting begonias watermeion

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