Poinsettias 2015 and Merry Christmas

Hello everyone,

Jason here. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I’ve been busy the last few months and have not had time to post anything. I have been neck deep working on getting us ready to implement a new sales and inventory software program. So heads up, we will be using a completely new program this spring. There are some new features that will streamline some functions and make it easier for you and there are some things we are going to have to work on to be ready for spring.

Hopefully this transition will be relatively painless but it’s technology so you know how that can go. All that we ask is that you be patient with us if we run into any issues. I’ll be working the kinks out in January and February to be ready for March.

Thank you to all our poinsettia customers for another great poinsettia season. We sold out early and had a great looking crop with just a little over our projected dump. Basically, that means we have sold every single plant the looked good enough to sell. Actually as I write this we have a few #8 pink and white and some #6 pink, jingle bell and valentine (winter rose) left, but the total left is very small compared to what we grew. Again a big THANK YOU to our garden centers and fundraisers.

We did run into some hiccups with deliveries. We are working on new plans for next year to try to alleviate the issues and problems we encountered with our deliveries. Please know that we are aware of these issues, and we are working on getting them worked out.

I didn’t have time to take many pictures this year and there aren’t many left to take pictures of. Here are some pictures from our garden center along with some green house pictures I took a couple of weeks ago.

Leigh Ann is holding one of our #10 Prestige Red.

10in red poinsettia garden center

These pictures were taken in our retail garden center.

6in ice punch and red glitter poinsettias6in poinsettias garden center


6in red poinsettia garden center

6in white poinsettia8in pink poinsettia

I took these pictures on Nov. 11, 2015

6in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.11.15 16in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.11.15 2

These were taken on Nov. 25

6in marble poinsettia greenhouse 11.25.15 16in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 16in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 36in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 46in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 56in red poinsettias greenhouse 11.25.15 66in white poinsettia greenhouse 11.25.15 16in white poinsettia greenhouse 11.25.15 2

This is a pink that reverted to the red and white that was used to get the pink. I think these would sell if they could get them to look like this all the time. All 3 colors are on one plant.

6in poinsettia reversion

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