Poinsettias Update for November 24, 2014

Here is a quick look at what our poinsettias look like today (Nov. 20, 2014) that we will be shipping out next week on Monday.

We will ship out most of this house of #6 Red on Monday.

6in red poinsettias 1 11-20-146in red poinsettias 2 11-20-146in red poinsettias 3 11-20-146in red poinsettias 4 11-20-14

The #6 pink, maroon and white are looking good.

6in pink ponsettias 1 11-20-146in prestige maroon 11-20-146in white ponsettias 1 11-20-146in white ponsettias 2 11-20-14

We will be pulling our #8 red poinsettias from this house.

8in red ponsettias 1 11-20-14

This first pic below is why we don’t like jingle bell. Actually the cutting supplier subbed white glitter for the jingle bell we ordered without asking us. The white glitter (and jingle bell too) have a tendency to revert and you get what you see in the first pic where part of the bract will be all white or all red instead of the mottled look that they are supposed to have which is shown in the second picture. We probably won’t do these any more. The new varieties were touted as “improved” but I don’t see much improvement in these white glitter.

6in jingle bell ponsettias 1 11-20-146in jingle bell ponsettias 2 11-20-14

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