Poinsettia Sizes and Colors

More information about our poinsettias, production and shipping is below after the poinsettia sizes and colors.

#6 Poinsettia Colors

#6 Poinsettias have 1 plant per pot and are shipped pack 8 per case.



Ice Crystal



Princettia® Red

Princettia® White



Princettia® Dark Pink

#8 Poinsettia Colors

#8 Poinsettias have 3 plants per pot and are shipped pack 3 per case.





#10 Poinsettia Colors



In the past 30-40 years, poinsettia breeding has resulted in some excellent varieties and a wide range of colors. Red, Pink and White poinsettias are still the most popular colors we grow. In addition to the main three colors, we also grow Maroon, Marble and Glitter/Jingle Bell.

Princettias® are a new type of poinsettias hybrid. They are naturally compact and well branched, and will grow to form a mound of colorful bracts just like regular poinsettias. They come in the same three popular colors – red, pink (3 different pinks are available) and white. They are most popular for the Princettia® White which is the whitest poinsettia currently available. After trialing them, we carry the red, dark pink and white.

Our poinsettias are produced in three sizes – #10. #8 and #6 pots (sizes are approximates to inch; the pots are not exactly those sizes in inches). Shown below from left to right.

#10 Poinsettias have 4 plants per pot. #8 Poinsettias have 3 plants per pot and #6 poinsettias have 1 plant per pot.

Poinsettias are a very popular Christmas house plant, and Christmas isn’t complete with out Poinsettias! Poinsettias are used as part of Christmas decorations. Millions of them are grown, shipped and sold every Christmas across the USA and around the world.

Most people envision the traditional red poinsettia, but there are far more choices for each individual taste and style. The choices range from several different colors to unique shapes and a variety of sizes.

Poinsettias are tropical plants originating in Central America. They have large colorful bracts which many mistake for their blooms, the blooms are actually the small yellow berry-like buds found in the middle of the bracts. Sturdy stems support the foliage, however they are rigid and will break if handled too roughly.

Click HERE to learn how to care for your poinsettias.

Poinsettia Production

Back in the 1970’s when we first grew poinsettias there were not a lot of varieties available. The three main colors of poinsettias available red, pink and white. Eventually Jingle Bell (red with pink speckles) was available. There were probably a lot of varieties being grown at poinsettia breeders but there were not a lot of varieties being produced in those years.

Now there are dozens of varieties of each color and some unique novelty colors available. The breeding has resulted in varieties that are much easier to grow compared to 30+ years ago.

We grow 125,000-135,000 individual poinsettias that we plant in 95,000-105,000 pots. Poinsettia cuttings are taken from tips of stem and are 2-3″ long. The cuttings are shipped to us in early July. We stick the cuttings, root them out and plant them in their pots in August. About 4-5 weeks after planting we have to pinch the plants which consisted of removing a few inches off the top of the stem to promote branching. After pinching, the pots are spaced out for final production.

Poinsettias can be a tricky crop to grow some years. They require plant growth regulators (PGRs) to control their height and to help promote the branching more. If an application is just a few days off the schedule or otherwise not at the optimal time/height, the poinsettias can finish out of spec – too short, too tall or still green. All in all, our poinsettia crop is one of the most challenging crops we grow as well as one of the longest crops. It takes 20-22 weeks depending on if it’s an early or late variety.

Contact Us if you are interested in purchasing poinsettias wholesale for your garden center.

Packing Poinsettias

Poinsettias are ready to ship in mid-November. To ship them, we add a pot cover then sleeve them in a sleeve for packing. Once sleeved, we box and load on trucks for delivery.

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