Happy Hour Portulaca

Happy Hour Portulaca has double blooms that stands out from the narrow, green, succulent leaves. This Portulaca is an unbeatable garden performer! It can bloom two weeks before other varieties and grows in an upright mound rather than spreading out on the ground. Happy Hour blooms continuously in the hottest and driest conditions.

Portulaca, also known as Rose Moss, showcases vividly striking blooms of fuchsia, pink, scarlet, yellow, and white and makes an excellent rock garden or container plant that can withstand hot and dry conditions. Butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to the bright blooms. The flowers will close at night and on cloudy days, so don’t panic, they will open again when the sun comes out. Water infrequently as Portulaca does not like excessively moist soil.

Use Portulaca as edging at the front of borders, in the cracks of a rock wall, in between spaces of a stone path, or even in a hanging basket.

Plant in full sun 10-14” apart. Grows 8” to 10” tall and 10-12″ wide.

We grow Happy Hour Portulaca in our J6 (606) Annual and #4 Annual sizes.

In the J6(606) we grow Banana, Deep Red, Fuchsia, Mix, Peppermint and Rosita (below left to right).

In the #4 we grow Banana, Deep Red, Fuchsia and Mix.

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