Post Apocalypse-Availability Update for May 12, 2014

The week after Mother’s Day always feels a little post-apocalyptic with the aftermath and cleanup. Our loading house always ends up looking like a war zone. Greenhouses are empty except for a few scattered trays or pots that were not up to spec. Whole sections look like a ghost town. Today, the Friday before Mother’s Day weekend, the office staff and greenhouse crews are stumbling around like zombies.

However, we are still here and we still have plenty of plants for you. I am feeling a little zombie-like myself so you aren’t getting as many pics this week. I will see about adding more or doing another post next week with more pics.

1gal colocasia 5-9-141gal lantana 5-9-141gal mandevilla 5-9-141gal sunpatiens 1 5-9-141qt PW blue a fuse evolvulus 5-9-141qt PW iced cherry verbena 5-9-141qt ruellia 5-9-141qt sedum 5-9-144.5in bacopa 5-9-144.5in double impatiens 5-9-144.5in florida dahlias 5-9-144.5in gerbera daisy 5-9-144.5in lantana 5-9-144.5in sun coleus 5-9-146in kong  coleus 5-9-146in taishan yellow marigolds 5-9-1410in cora cascade vinca bskt 5-9-1410in streptocarpella 5-9-1412in dragonwing begonia deco 5-9-1412in oval succulent bowls 5-9-1412in succulent bowls 5-9-1412in trailing petunia combo bskt 5-9-141204 green leaf begonias 5-9-141801 fresh look celosia 5-9-141801 hypoestes 5-9-141801 swizzle zinnia 5-9-14J6 begonias 5-9-14J6 impatiens 5-9-14J6 salvia 5-9-14J6 vinca 5-9-14J6 portulaca 5-9-14

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