Rio Grande Purslane

Orange Purslane

Rio Grande Purslane has large, single blooms. The blooms can grow to 2 inches across and tend to cover the green, succulent foliage with a mass of color. Rio Grande has larger more tropical looking blooms than some of the other varieties.

It showcases vividly striking blooms of apricot, orange, rose, scarlet, yellow, and white and makes an excellent rock garden or container plant that can withstand hot and dry conditions. They flower all summer long. The plants have good branching and look beautiful in hanging baskets. Take a look at our Hanging Baskets here.

Purslane is a low-growing annual that produces vibrant blooms in a variety of colors. A succulent by nature, it bears fleshy purple-green stems and shiny dark green leaves. Being a succulent, it is heat and drought tolerant.

Butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to the bright blooms. The flowers will close at night and on cloudy days, so don’t panic, they will open again when the sun comes out. Purslane does not require too much water because it is a succulent and therefore doesn’t like to stand in wet soil.

Plant in full sun 8-10″ apart. Grows 3-4″ tall and 10-12″ wide.

We grow Rio Grande Purslane in our #4.5 Premium Annuals and #10 Hanging Basket sizes.

We carry Orange, Magenta, Scarlet, White and Yellow in the #4.5 Premium Annuals.

Purslane #10 Hanging Baskets

Rio Grande Mix Purslane

Our Mix Purslane in the #10 Hanging Baskets is a mix of Rio Grande Magenta, Orange and Yellow.

mix purslane hanging baskets

ColorBlast Bicolor Purslane

We grow two colors of Bicolor Purslane in our Hanging Baskets but we do not sell by the bicolor. The bicolors are ColorBlast Mango Mojito and ColorBlast Watermelon Punch.

mango mojito portulaca colorblast westoff
watermelon punch portulaca colorblast westoff

Photos courtesy of PAC Elsner / Westhoff – www.pac-elsner.com / www.westflowers.de

Confetti Garden Purslane #12 Baskets and Deco Pots

Confetti Garden

We also carry purslane in our #12 Confetti Gardens Baskets and #12 Confetti Garden Deco size categories.

cupcake smarty party purslane confetti garden
cupcake party purslane confetti garden
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